Micro Texture Analyzer, µTXA

A unique micro-precise texture analyzer of micro-tensile, micro-compressive strength, and precise adhesion (ball probe tack) measurements for very soft materials, brittle materials, optical display adhesive films and so on.

µ-TXA: Featured for measuring 0.1 mN ~ 6 N (up to 300 N)

YEONJIN S-Tech’s µTXA™ is a texture analyzer which is specially  measuring tack and adhesion of adhesives in the field of  PSA, tacky films and electronic materials. TXA™-Precision Adhesion testing machine is a compact, versatile instrument designed for Research & Development, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Production applications.

Dedicated to 0.1 micrometer range resolution and 0.1 mN to 300 N force, it measures highly precise tack and is available for testing tension, compression, creep, stress relaxation and 3-point bending.

TXA is also very helpful in measuring strength where the adhesive surface is tiny. It measures the heteromorphism of adhesive films as  several gram force units.

  • Characterization of adhesion properties of adhesives used in semiconductor dicing process
  •  Measurements of adhesion properties’ change by alternative molecular weight
  •  Peel-off test of adhesives for MLCC (Multi-layer ceramic capacitor)
  •  Tack test of double side tapes and polarizing plates
  •  Monitoring of mechanical and physical properties of tack tape by testing speed, 0.0001 ~ 5 mm/sec (15 mm/sec, optionally)
  •  Repeated tack test of insulating tape, scotch plastic tape, aluminum tape and packaging tape
  •  Adhesion test of cured-epoxy on copper substrate
  •  Tack test of materials by ball and probe materials
  •  Spongy : Compression and Stress Relaxation
  •  Dwell Force change measurements of adhesives
  •  Adhesion test of aluminum tape and substrate
  •  Repeated adhesion test of patches
  •  more and more adhesion tests and texture analysis in R&D, QA/QC and industrial application.


Electrics and electronics: Dicing tape, FCCL, MLCC, adhesive films, heteromorphic films, protection tape, masking tape

Biology: Strength of organic tissues

General industries : Concerned all application which is required for measuring very weak force and Strain control.

Medial and pharmaceutical adhesion: Patch, poultice, cataplasm, fomentum, wound dressing, visco-elasticity of various pads, tablet strength, texture analysis of packaging materials.

Foodstuff : Texture analysis of foods and the packaging

Cosmetics : Texture analysis of cosmetics and the packaging

With our dedicated TXA texture analyzer, we are ready to measure tack and adhesion of your adhesives.