Visco-elasticity measurement of Hydrogel with Texture Analyzer

1.5 N load cell, probe and sample on horizontal contact stage with X/Y positioner

Young’s Modulus and Tangential Modulus measurements of Hydrogel samples by Micro-Texture analyzer (YEONJIN S-Tech, Korea)

Hydrogel samples are tested with 0.1 mm/sec compressive rate for the measurement of Young’s Modulus by Stress/Strain and Tangential Modulus by ΔStress/ΔStrain.

1.5 N Load cell was calibrated with 0.1 N standard weight and verified.
3 mm metal cylinder probe was used.

Hydrogel Sample 1.

Max. stress : 1.67 kPa
Max. strain: 0.3
Max. Modulus: 5.62 kPa
Tangential Modulus: 7.60 kPa

Hydrogel Sample 2.

Max. stress : 0.30 kPa
Max. strain: 0.4
Max. Modulus: 0.89 kPa
Tangential Modulus: 0.79 kPa

Hydrogel Sample 3 and 4