YEONJIN S-Tech designs and manufactures micro-texture properties analyzer for testing micro-tensile, micro-compression, and precise adhesion (tack) of R&D and QA-QC.

The model, µ-Texture Analyzer (TXA-MicroPrecision) is capable of measuring 0.1 mN, so it is available for measuring micro tensile, compression and stress relaxation of exceptionally soft or brittle materials.

A popular model for various application is Precise Texture Analyzer (TXA-Precision), which can measure precise and reproducible Ball probe tack, Peel-off strength such as 180 degree, 90 degree and user-defined angle. It is extended to measure the exact tension, compression, stress relaxation and surface tension of highly viscous liquid. with a force range of 1 mN to 30 N.

With this TXA-Precision, our standard version (TXA-Standard) which measures up to 300 N, is configured as two channels. With this combination customers can measure COF (coefficient of friction) as tribology application under Friction-Scratch test mode.

We also produce Universal Texture Analyzer (5 mN to 1 kN). It has a buit-in indicator for quick testing and operation of general purpose including food texture profiles analysis (TPA) and comprehensive analysis of tensile, compression, probe tack, and flexural bending strength.


A unique micro-precise texture anlayzer of tensile and compressive strength measurements for very soft materials and brittle materials

Featured for measuring 0.1 mN ~ 6 N (up to 300 N)

YEONJIN S-Tech’s TXA™ is a texture analyzer which is specially  measuring tack and adhesion of adhesives in the field of  PSA, tacky films and electronic materials. TXA™-Precision Adhesion testing machine is a compact, versatile instrument designed for Research & Development, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Production applications.

Dedicated to 0.1 micrometer range resolution and 0.1 mN to 300 N force, it measures highly precise tack and it is available for testing of tension, compression, creep, stress relaxation and 3-point bending.


Electrics and electronics: Dicing tape, FCCL, MLCC, adhesive films, heteromorphic films, protection tape, masking tape

Biology: Strength of organic tissues

General industries : Concerned all application which is required for measuring very weak force and Strain control.

Medial and pharmaceutical adhesion: Patch, poultice, cataplasm, fomentum, wound dressing, visco-elasticity of various pads, tablet strength, texture analysis of packaging materials.

Foodstuff : Texture analysis of foods and the packaging

Cosmetics : Texture analysis of cosmetics and the packaging

Where adhesive surface is very small, TXA is also very useful for measuring strength. It measures heteromorphism of adhesive films as  several gram force unit.

  •  Characterization of adhesion properties of adhesives used in semiconductor dicing process
  •  Measurements of adhesion properties’ change by alternative molecular weight
  •  Peel-off test of adhesives for MLCC (Multi-layer ceramic capacitor)
  •  Tack test of double side tapes and polarizing plates
  •  Monitoring of mechanical and physical properties of tack tape by testing speed, 0.0001 ~ 5 mm/sec (15 mm/sec, optionally)
  •  Repeated tack test of insulating tape, scotch plastic tape, aluminum tape and packaging tape
  •  Adhesion test of cured-epoxy on copper substrate
  •  Tack test of materials by ball and probe materials
  •  Spongy : Compression and Stress Relaxation
  •  Dwell Force change measurements of adhesives
  •  Adhesion test of aluminum tape and substrate
  •  Repeated adhesion test of patches
  •  more and more adhesion tests and texture analysis in R&D, QA/QC and industrial application.

With our dedicated TXA texture analyzer, we are ready to measure tack and adhesion of your adhesives.


TXA™ Micro-Precision

TXA™-Precision TXA™-Standard UTA™
(Universal Texture Analyzer)
Force Range 0.01gf ~ 600gf
(0.1mN ~ 6N)
0.1gf ~ 3kgf
(1mN ~ 30N)
0.5gf ~ 30kgf
(5mN ~ 300N)
1gf ~ 100kgf
(10mN ~ 1kN)
Force Resolution* 0.01gf (0.1mN) 0.1gf (1mN) 0.5gf (5mN) 1gf (10mN)
Force Accuracy 0.025% 0.25%
Testing speed 0.0001 ~ 10 mm/sec (Max. 15mm/sec available) 0.1 ~ 40 mm/sec
Travel Range (Testing space) Up to 650 mm (500 mm with tension sample holder)
Position Range Setting 0 ~ 500 mm (adjustable)
Range Resolution 0.0001 mm
Operation Modes
  • Adhesion (probe tack)
  • Tension
  • Peel-off (180º, 90º, User defined degree)
  • Compression
  • Creep Recovery
  • Stress Relaxation
  • Flexural strength (3-point & 4-point bending)
  • Shear Strength
  • Loop Tack
Data Acquisition Rate Max. 1000 /sec (1 kHz) 250 /sec (250 Hz)
Atmosphere Lab. condition. Dust and Splash resistant
 Operating Temperature RT ~ 80℃ (Isothermal)
-20℃~350℃ with optional heating & cooling unit
Weight 17kg 18kg
Elecrical Power Requirement 220~240V(AC) ±10%, 50/60 Hz

*. Depending on load cell