About us

YEONJIN S-Tech is an innovative company in the measurement and testing of material characterization. We develop and manufacture devices and equipment for high precision, specified measurement using up-to-date test technologies.

YEONJIN S-Tech Corporation dedicate to the development, production, distribution and application of this testing machine which is simultaneously measures adhesion (tack and peel-off strength), tension, compression, creep, viscoelasticity and stress relaxation of PSA, related adhesives and materials at weak and small force (0.1 mN ~ 300 N) within a precisely controlled environment.

YEONJIN S-Tech has more than 20 years experience in material characterization fields. In the future YEONJIN S-Tech have an entire programm of innovation and development; this will keep us producing high quality products at the forefront of technology and meet the challenges facing today’s scientists.

YEONJIN S-Tech Corporation
Tel: +82-2-501-7990
#315, AceTower 1, 17th, Daehak 4, Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, (16226) Rep. of Korea